Friday, February 05, 2010

Mental Detoxification & Relaxation at Wat Mongkolratanaram,Tampa

Benefit of Meditation(Mental Detoxification & Relaxation)

By Ven. Dr. Thanat Inthisan

How You Can Benefit From Meditation

What Is Meditation?

Meditation focuses on maintaining quietness of our busy mind. The effect is to direct our concentration to one healing element – one sound, one word, one image, or one's breath. When our mind is "filled" with the feeling of calm and peace, it cannot take off on its own and worry, stress out or get depressed.

The meditative state allows our nerves and tired muscles to relax, calm heart rates and ease blood pressure. The effect is so restful and peaceful that you will look forward to do it daily.

How Does Meditation Work?

Studies have shown that meditation can bring about a healthy state of relaxation by causing a generalized reduction in multiple physiological and biochemical markers, such as deceased heart rate, decreased respiration rate, decreased plasma cortical, decreased pulse rate and increased EEG alpha, a brain wave associated with relaxation. Our body gains a state of profound rest.

During meditation, our blood pressure stays at "low level" but falls significantly for persons on medication with abnormally high levels of blood pressure.

Meditation reduces activity in the nervous system. Through meditation we can learn to access the relaxation response and to be aware of the mind and the way our attitudes

produce stress. In calming the mind, meditation can also put one in touch with the inner physician, allowing our body's own inner wisdom to be heard.

Meditation is part of my yoga practice. When I meditate, I feel my life changes for the better. It brings me peace of mind and I handle things better in life. I have the insights I want to solve problems and a clearer viewpoint even when I feel stressful. Through all these years of practicing meditation, I have been able to reap the positive influence on my life.


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